Subconscious Selling Mastery

You are an entrepreneur or perhaps a business owner or could be a salesperson and or a professional who interacts with people that involves an exchange of value.

Chances are high that at least once in awhile you would have felt tired of chasing the prospects and playing the numbers game.

I have a question, 

Did you ever wonder which group you belong to, among the following two :

99% group, who earns moderately and lead reasonable but unsophisticated life, the sales journey more often filled with frustration, rejection, less/zero thanking, less time with family and friends and (whispering envy about high earning positions) just remember all the hardships you face across your life.

All this is because you create more value to your prospect and negligible value for yourself. You make your prospect win and you may not win appropriately.

Chances are high that you might not realize this yet.


1% unique group, who earns reasonably and often becomes millionaires and leads an ultra-sophisticated life and the sales journey is filled with joy, pleasure, fulfillment and always welcoming.

Also more time for self and family and faster growth in career. 

How this 1% group is very special, the reasons could be 

  1. They are more productive    
  2. They offer something very unique  
  3. They turn small little things into their favor 
  4. They have the attitude and language that compels others to take decision that also favors them.


  1. They are continuous learners and sharpen their skill set to nothing less than master level.

Isn’t it frustrating that even you wanted to be part of the 1% you do not know how? ( I could say this because every human being would like to live better and do better)

And I have good news for you!

The good news is, you can begin to be part of that  “1%” unique sales professionals if you master one specific technology.

Today Is The Day To Make Your Sales Breakthrough With That Technology. 

The Subconscious Selling Method is a new sales technology ( not just a technique) that frees you from unnatural selling scripts. Instead, you’ll learn how to begin new conversations with prospects, naturally — no hard pitching, no persuading, and no pushing.

In just a few minutes, you could be on your way to making your sales breakthrough so you don’t have to subject yourself to painful chasing of prospects anymore.

Why Subconscious Selling is the way forward?

Recent studies and research confirm that 95% of buying decisions happen at the Subconscious level and 5% of decisions happen at the co-conscious level.

As a sales and marketing professional with 16+ years of experience, I can tell that, if not all but most sales skill training and sales approaches are “sell to conscious mind” driven.

The classic example of this is a misinterpretation of George A Miller’s paper ‘The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus.

Miller says the conscious mind can only process anywhere between 5 to 9 chunks/bits of information at a time, so all concepts like power of 3 etc have emerged.

This a self-goal, because when the subconscious mind is processing million bits/chunks of information and making buying decisions with that input, we aim to sell to a conscious mind.

The Subconscious selling method addresses the pitfalls in the traditional selling method and sells to the actual buyer, i.e the subconscious mind.

I’m going to show you in detail how to get started using my unique proven, simple to implement  Sub-Conscious based sales approach that enables you to Take a Leap In Your Sales Game without having to ever again suffer like earlier.

As a consequence, you retain more customers, happiness quotient increases, sell with no discounts as a result of more sales and more money. Your overall productivity will shoot up.

And Let me remind you, This is not a training program. This is a Skill Installation Program

As you learn and absorb The Subconscious Selling Method, you’ll find your own sales approach transforms, you will start to think, act and speak in a profoundly different way.

You will be amazed when you discover how did you surpass your own expectations and be pleasantly surprised as you watch your potential clients open up to you in a way you have never experienced before.

The Subconscious Selling Method – Skill Installation Program

This Skill Installation Program is perfect if you want to get started right away implementing the core “actionable” The Subconscious Selling Method.

Within minutes, you’ll start making the shift from the frustrating old-style selling approaches to a more sophisticated way of connecting with your prospects.

More importantly, all the sales talk, building trust, knowing what customer wants and finally closing the deal with elegance will flow naturally, easily and automatically from you without having to think about it.

In this 14 Weeks, Skill Installation Program that happens once in a week for 2 hours over an online class and you will have simple exercises that you do while conducting your natural job responsibilities.

You will learn 

Module 1: Business Excellence

  • Know your true contribution to your prospect with the “Unique Impact Evaluation.
  • Build an unshattered Unique Impact matrix.
  • Build a customer segmentation that consist of only a closable and profitable.
  • Know the customer with-in and discover unknown pain areas and pleasurable areas.
  • Prepare an offer that will never be rejected and resisted by the right customer

You will begin to out frame the competition. Your business context is set in a way that you will roar in business irrespective of time.

Module 2Neuro Mapping Foundations

  • Learn the language of Subconscious mind that is unique to every individual
  • Know Different ways of Subconscious Formatting
  • Know the Hierarchy of decision influence
  • Know Powerful Persuasion Pyramid
  • Master the Art of Questioning
  • Know what your customer is thinking subconsciously 
  • Set up a subconscious direction.

You will access the deep personal level values, beliefs and unique evaluation criteria of any decision of your customer, so you can present your offer exactly in the same way, that your customer wants to buy, Subconsciously.

Module 3 :  Neuro Synchronization 

  • Know what is the subconscious trust and Its benefits
  • 3 ways to build subconscious trust by leveraging the language 
  • 3 ways to build subconscious trust by leveraging the body language 
  • Build subconscious trust in seconds even with an unknown person

You will gain the trust at the very beginning thus save a lot of time and effort and hardly lose a prospect.

Module 4: Neuro Language Engineering

  • Bypass the conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind
  • Access the  persuasion pyramid and buying blueprint
  • Discover and stimulate the buying button
  • Introduction to hypnotic story selling
  • Access the subconscious beliefs and values
  • 3 Powerful questions that open the sale instantly
  • Know the art of framing to control the conversation in your favor
  • Give indirect suggestions to influence
  • Create the pictures and movies in the prospect’s mind with natural language
  • How to harmonize negotiations and diffuse rejections

You will bypass the conscious mind and sell to the Subconscious mind. This approach makes selling painless and rewarding. According to recent studies, 95% of buying happens solely at the Subconscious level.

Module 5:   Closing Excellence

  • Learn the deep insights of Consumer Psychology
  • 10’s of excellent ways of closing the sale
  • How to close the sale that saves time with no further persuasion and follow up

You will begin to close more sales at significantly higher value, effortlessly.

Module 6:    Personal Performance Excellence 

  • Get to winning attitude in every sale
  • Eliminate hesitation, doubt, fear, stress in every sales call automatically
  • Be charismatic and confident in every sales approach

You will begin to use your own Subconscious to achieve larger success.

Online Sales Clinic: Weekly-Practice review

  • Apply what you have learned in the real context and record that using your smartphone.
  • As a group, we review your practical work recordings so you get the ongoing feedback
  • You will have skill ingrained at muscle level

Live Project: You will become a testimonial for yourself when new technology is installed.

The Skill Installation Program is offered in two memberships

  Silver Membership                                                          

  • 6 Modules  
  • Online Sales Clinic                
  • Live Project and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does this unique Skill installation Program Starts?

You will have instant access to the program and start watching the recorded videos.

What infrastructure do I require?

An active internet connection with an earphone is required. You can use either a desktop/laptop/smartphone/tablet to attend the class from your comfortable location.

How long the “Subconscious Selling Method” been available and what is the technology behind it?

This method is developed from 16 years of my own sales experience and the research in the fields of Neuromarketing, Neuro Consumer Science and related psychological fields. I could say the course approach is like new technology.

How is the Subconscious Selling Method different from all the other sales programs in the market today?

There is no comparison at any level. My program is completely different because it addresses the hidden subconscious roadblocks that hold you back from unleashing your true sales potential. You’ll experience an instant sales breakthrough the moment you begin implementing this new technology. The good news is all happens automatically without much conscious effort. You do not need to remember or search for what to say next or say next.

Is this program available for a group or live face to face?

It is an online group coaching, so you can watch the lesson at your convenience and practice in the live environment, so you have skill installed in you.

Will Subconscious Selling Method give me immediate results, or is it a program that I have to study or memorize?

You never need to memorize anything. All skills will be part of your muscle memory and you simply and elegantly apply this method naturally. You will become natural in human communication to create spontaneous, positive conversations with prospects that develop into trusting business relationships based on your ability to solve their problems. 

The Subconscious Selling Method, who is this for?

This is more opt for Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals Or anyone who is in the business of exchanging value by selling a product or service. You will find value irrespective of the experience you have in selling.

What if I’m not able to attend or miss one class?

All the modules will be available in the form of videos in your e-library where you have dedicated access. You can always revisit the completed or missed videos at your convenience for 12 months. 

Why waiting to book your seat now

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